Founded 2007 upon the principles of Baring, Struggle and Pain. Deeply Rooted '07 Clothing is a direct representation of preserving and overcoming hardships. Each design is symbolic. Our mission is not only to promote originality, but also to inspire communities globally. 
DR '07 clothing is geared towards encouraging youth as young as 5 to adults to prevail against life's struggle through divinity. 
SCARECROWThe Scarecrow represents the Lord our savior Jesus Christ. There is no wisdom, no insight, or no plan that can succeed against him. He protects the seeds of KNOWLEDGE which are planted in the garden.  Do not fight against him and, if you want VICTORY do not fight WITHOUT him. 
TEDDY BEAR - The Teddy Bear represents strength and confidence taking action and leadership.  The bear indicates time for healing so he uses healing abilities to help self or others. He simply teaches you to trust your instincts and let go of all the blocks in your path. 
CHICK- The Chick represents encouragement he encourages you to be more involved members within within the community. Look out for one another and be able to extend a helping hand.  Also, indicates a need for a WAKE-UP CALL. The meaning of the chick allows you to discover your true STRENGTH and WEAKNESS and deal with them.